What is the most common type of memory module?

Memory modules are chips mounted on top of one another and are placed in the motherboard of the computer. These chips are essential to the efficient performance of a computer because they temporarily store and allocate data to the stacks of chips while the computer engages in other processes. The CPU can later easily access all the information that is present on those memory modules and use it to execute other functions on the computer. In the computers of today, there are a plethora of memory chips and modules present which all work together to support the heavy files and gaming applications that all of us play. This requires heavy amounts of storage facilities that help you in playing your favorite game without any trouble. Components such as the memory module m391a4g43mb1-ctd are the most necessary to allow the computers to work without any trouble or errors.

Memory Modules

Memory modules exist in various different types. They do not have one type which is present in all computers. The various types of memory modules all cater to different users and different computers. The memory modules may vary with regard to the usage and the performance of the computers. However, let us discuss some of the basic types of memory modules and one of the most common types present in the majority of computers.

  1. DIMM: These allow double memory to be printed onto the circuit board and they carry two rows filled with DRAM and BEDO memory chips.
  2. SODIMM: Usually found in notebooks, these have dual memory modules all placed in the same line. These are not most commonly used and may be preferred by fewer people.
  3. DRAM: This is the most commonly used memory module. They need to be refreshed from time to time as they secure data for very short periods. They are measured with regard to the access time and their storage capacity. The access time is present in nanoseconds and the storage capacity may vary in megabytes. A benefit of the DRAM is that its timing is synchronized with the CPU and the CPU thus works efficiently fast because it works at the same speed as the DRAM. No information is missed out and no opportunity is lost out on. DRAM is used where there is a need of using a memory which is low in cost but high in its capacity. DRAM is extremely dense and it makes sure that you do not miss out on any information while being low in cost and possessing a basic structure of the cell.


Hence, it can be concluded that the memory modules are extremely important and they can not only save important data but they can alter your experience completely as gaming applications and other strong software all rely on the memory module to store bits of the information which is tailored according to one’s experiences.

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