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CASA Application

  October 22nd, 2017
"Our local CASA volunteers are well respected for their thorough and objective reports for the juvenile court to consider when making decisions that affect a child’s life.”

Our Mission

The Iowa Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program commissions trained community volunteers to serve as an effective voice in court for abused and neglected children, strengthening efforts to ensure that each child is living in a safe, permanent and nurturing home.

About Us

Concerned over making decisions about abused and neglected children's lives without sufficient information, a Seattle judge, David Soukup, conceived the idea of using trained community volunteers to speak for the best interests of these children in court.

So successful was this Seattle program that soon judges across the country began utilizing citizen advocates.

Today nearly 900 CASA programs are in operation, with 62,000 volunteers serving as Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs). Iowa CASA is a program of the State of Iowa Child Advocacy Board.


In 2012, the North Iowa CASA program:
  • Advocated for 73 children, served by 26 CASA volunteers in the six-county service area
  • North Iowa CASA volunteers contributed over 2600 hours and drove over 11,000 miles

Contact Information

The local coordinator is:
Shirley Hoefer
220 N. Washington
Mason City, Iowa 50401
Ph: (641) 421-3080 or Toll Free 866-295-5262
Fax: (641) 421-3134

CASA Volunteers Make a Lifelong Difference for a Child.

For more detailed information about CASA visit the link below.

National CASA

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